About SAE Switzerland

Who is SAE Switzerland?
SAE Switzerland is the Swiss Society of Automotive Engineers. It was founded in 1948.

The Goals of SAE Switzerland:
continued professional education of its members
fostering young automotive engineers
encouraging informal contacts among its members
looking after the members' professional interests
cooperating with engineering societies and federations
cultivating contacts with technical colleges and universities and government agencies.

Who are the members of SAE Switzerland?
Technical engineers of all degrees.

Automotive specialists whose position and education correspond to those of a technical engineer.

Honorary Members:
Persons recognized by the General Assembly for outstanding services to SAE Switzerland.

Companies, societies, federations, or individuals with strong affinity to SAE Switzerland.

Student Members:
Prospective technical engineers.

How does SAE Switzerland reach its goals?
by offering continued technical education within a wide scope
by organizing technical meetings and educational journeys
through numerous personal contacts
by actively participating in the international federations FISITA and EAEC
by closely cooperating with technical universities and colleges, in particular with the Department of Automobile Technology of the Biel School of Engineering and Architecture
through contacts with government agencies.

Join SAE Switzerland!
SAE Switzerland presently has some 700 members. The annual membership fee is SFr. 45.-- .

Interested? --- Please contact the Secretary of SAE Switzerland:

Mr. Daniel Christen
Gummenacher 7a
CH-2562 Port

Phone: 032 / 331 13 71