Conditions for admission

(Excerpt of the statues)

B) Membership

Art. 3
The association is composed of:

a) Technical engineers of all degrees
b) Experts in automotive technology
c) Honorary members
d) Patrons
e) Students

Art. 4
Upon request of the board individuals may be appointed to honorary members by the general assembly after they have rendered outstanding services to the association.

Art. 5
Patrons are individuals, associations, companies, organisations with a particular liasion to the association.

Art. 6
Students can be admitted until the termination of their studies of technical engineering.

C) Start of the membership

Art. 7
The admission and the status (Art. 3) of new members is decided by the board.

D) Rights of the members

Art. 8
a) All members have a right for votation and election according to Art. 3 a to c.
b) Patrons and students have a consulting vote.

F) Membership fees and financial year

Art. 10
a) The association levies an annual contribution of which the amount is determined by the general assembly.
b) Patrons pay at least the annual contribution and are usually represented by a person.
c) Honorary members and students are exempted from a contribution.
d) In well founded cases the contribution may be reduced or remitted by the board.
e) The financial year is corresponding to the calendar year.